Acrylic Nails

$40 Up / Fill-In $30 Up

Pink & White

$55 / Fill-In $45

UV Gel

$55 Up / Fill-In $45 Up

Mylar Nails

$55 Up / Fill-In $45

SNS Nails

$40 Up / Fill-In $30

SNS Pink & White

$50 Up / Fill-In $35 Up


Ultimate Massage Pedicure

$55 +

Pamper your legs and feet with a relaxing and extensive massage session. You will receive our essential Spa Pedicure maintainance with an extensive Sea Salt Glow Scrub, light massage with natural massage oil, Hot Stone Massage, and a deep-tissue massage with scented lotion (Lavender, Rose, Mandarin, or Chocolate) of your choice to complete your experience.

Blissful Rose Pedicure

$55 +

Indulge your feet in a delightful and aromatic pedicure. Floral aroma-therapy foot soak, Rose Salt Scrub infused with natural rose and avocado oils, warming Rose Mask with hot towel wraps, extended massage, Hot Stone Massage, and concluded with our Peach Paraffin Wax...

Therapeutic Mint & Eucalyptus Pedi


Rejuvenate and soothe your tired legs and feet. Soak in our detoxifying Sea Salt bath, Peppermint Eucalyptus Sloughing Cream containing aloe vera and vitamins A & E Mint Mask with hot towel wrap, Cooling Gel Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and completed with our Paraffin Wax.

Mandarin Glow Pedicure


Quench your feet in our hydrating Mandarin Salt Bath, Mandarin Salt Glow Scrub to help soften and polish skin, warming Orange Mask containing aloe vera with hot towel wraps, extended massage with our Citrus Lotion, Hot Stone Massage, and finished with our Peach Paraffin Wax.

Luxurious Chocolate Pedicure


A delicious and lavish treat for your feet, Soak in a Milk and Honey foot bath, Yummy Chocolate Salt Scrub infused with natural cocoa oil, Chocolate Mask containing cocoa and shea butter with hot towel wraps, extended massage with our Vanilla-Coconut Lotion, Hot Stone Massage, and finalized with our Paraffin Wax.

Relaxing Lavender Pedicure

$55 / Add Gel $10

De-stress your mind and body with a Floral aroma-therapy foot soak, Lavender Salt Scrub infused with lavender oil and vitamins A & E. Calming Lavender and Wild Flower Mask with hot towel wraps, lengthened massage with our Lavender Lotion, Hot Stone Massage, and finished with a soothing Paraffin Wax.

Classic Manicure

$20 +

Basic maintenance of hands which include reshaping of nails, cuticles trimmed, and light massage followed by polish.

Hydration Manicure


Restone your dry and tired hands with this hydration manicure. In addition to our Classic Manicure, your hands will be exfoliated in our Sea Salt Glow Scrub and finished with a Paraffin wax treatment to soften your skin.

Luxury Manicure

$35 +

Choose the scrub and lotion of your choice (Lavender, Rose, and Citrus) to complete your manicure.

Chocolate Manicure

$35 +

Pamper your hands in an indulgent chocolate delight. Classic manicure service with yummy Chocolate Scrub, cocoa, and shea butter infused Chocolate Mask with hot towel wrap and followed by a massage with our Vanilla-Coconut Lotion.

Shellac Mani

$35 Up

Shellac Pedi


Gel Toe

$25 Up



Spa Pedicure

$32 +

Your feet will be soaked in our Dead Sea Salt, nails reshaped, cuticles trimmed, and removal of calluses. light salt scrub finished with a massage and followed by a hot towel.

Deluxe Pedicure



Smoothing Pedi


Ice Dancer Pedi


Fire Walker Pedi



Polish Change Hand

$10 Up

Polish Change Feet

$15 Up

Manicure Soak Off


Extra Paraffin Wax


Paraffin Wax


Hot Stone Massage


Nail Art


Artificial Nail Removal

$15 +

Eyebrow Tinting









Whole Face



Una persona tiene en promedio de 90 a 120 pestañaspor ojo
Cada ojo muda de 2 a 3 pestañas por dia
1 semana = 21 pestañas
2 semanas = 42 pestañas
3 semanas = 63 pestañas
Calsicas - Hibridas - Volumen - Mega Volumen







Mega Volumen


Luminado de cejas


Planchado de cejas



Acrylic Full Set with Gel

$45 +

Acrylic Fill with Gel

$35 +

Dip Powder

$40 +

Acrylic Full Set

$40 +

Acrylic Fill

$30 +

Pink & White Full Set

$55 +

Pink & White Fills

$45 +

Gel Nails Full Set UV

$55 +

Gel Nails Fills UV

$45 +

Mylar Nails Full Set

$55 +

Mylar Nails Fills

$45 +

Shellac Manicure

$35 +

Shellac Pedicure

$45 +